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Belt sludge dewatering machine,belt sludge dehydrator used in Guangxi province China

The equipment of belt sludge dewatering machine adopts the principle of automatic dewatering and squeezing dehydration. When mud is pumped into the equipment by mud pump, the mud cake and clean water come out without manual discharge, the mud cake can’t be grasped the water,cake be packed and transported without dripping water. The clean water can be discharged directly , 24 hours automatic operation continuously,easy to operate without worker. It can solve the problems of discharge of river channels, sand washing, lake silting, piling sludge and mine tailings mud. Using belt sludge dewatering machine to solve the problem of rapid drying and environmental protection of sludge in construction site, to ensure the completion of the silt clearing project on time, and to meet the national environmental protection standards.

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Belt sludge dehydrator advantages:

 In order to improve the dewatering of sludge, improve the properties of filter cake and increase the permeability of materials, sludge is needed to be chemical treatment . our belt sludge dewatering achieve the effect of chemical flocculation with the unique "pipeline mixer . This method not only has good flocculation effect, but also saves a large number of chemicals, with low operating cost and obvious economic benefit.



Gravity concentration dewatering section of belt sludge dehydrator

Sludge is uniformly fed into the belt mesh through the cloth hopper, and the sludge moves forward with the filter belt, and the free water flows into the sink through the filter belt under the self-gravity action. Gravity dewatering  also be said to be a highly concentrated section. The main function is to remove the free water from the sludge, reduce the flow of sludge, and prepare for further squeezing.

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Prepressure dewatering section in wedge zone of belt sludge dewatering machine

 The flow of sludge is almost  lost after gravity dewatering in the wedge dewatering section of belt  sludge dewatering machine. With the forward running of the filter belt of the belt filter press, the spacing between the upper and lower filter bands decreases gradually, and the material begins to be subjected to slight pressure. With the operation of the filter zone, the pressure increases gradually, and the action of wedge zone is to prolong the time of gravity dehydration, increase the extrusion stability of flocs, and prepare for entering the pressure zone.


  1. High pressure dewatering section of extruding roll of strip type sludge dewatering machine

    When the material leaves the wedge area, it enters the pressure zone, where the material is squeezed, the pressure increases with the decrease of the diameter of the extrusion roll, the volume of the material shrinks and the gap free water in the material is extruded, and at this time, the pressure increases with the decrease of the diameter of the extrusion roll. The filter cake is basically formed, and the moisture content of the filter cake can be reduced to the minimum after the high pressure area of the pressure tail continues.


    The main components of the belt sludge dehydrator :

    (1) the main engine is acid-resistant, the alkali corrosion, ten years guarantee;

    (2) main of bearing, rubber roller, and  drive motor are guaranteed for five years;

    (3) the operating cost of the system,

    (4) sludge treatment capacity, filter cake moisture content is better than the similar products.



  3. Belt sludge dehydrator operation:

    this machine is easy to operate and  maintain, maintenance, can meet customer requirements for the fastest basic operation and master operation skills..


    7. Main engine functions of belt sludge dehydrator:

     (1) low power consumption, low dose, and low noise;

     (2) visual dehydration process, easy to control;

     (3) continuous operation, large treatment, convenient maintenance, low cost;

    (4) sludge after dewatering is flake;

    (5) automatic deviation adjustment and failure alarm device.


  4. The electronic sensor of belt sludge dewatering machine controls automatic deviation adjustment and failure alarm,advanced technology ,  accurate and sensitive, no damage to the net belt, double protection, increased the belt mesh service life.

    Meibang Environmental protection equipment production base

    Corporate headquarters: Meibang Environmental protection equipment co.,ltd.

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Meibang environmental protection  to solve the mud dehydration problem for you, and create a leading brand  for belt press filter dehydrator in China.

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