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Sweet potato slag dehydration by belt filter press

The belt filter press for plant residude produced by Guangdong Meibang Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. is ideal for the dewatering of sweet potato slag by its powerful squeezing can run continuously for 24 hours with low operating cost and large processing capacity and filter out the final filter cake with low moisture content.

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The sweet potato slag dewatering machine can press and dehydrate the sweet potato slag with a water content of about 85%-95% to a moisture content of about 45-60%. The mchine uses a powerful roller press dewatering machine to dewater the  

material. The powerful roller press dewatering machine can be widely used in the dewatering operation of high humidity residue materials before drying, such as distiller's grains, pomace, beer grains, cassava residue, sweet potatoes  

slag, etc.,  the burden of the dryer is greatly reduced,and the output is greatly improved, the energy consumption is also greatly is an indispensable processing equipment before the high-humidity material is dried. after  

dehydration of the powerful roller belt filter press, the dehydrated material can directly enter the drying equipment, which greatly reduces the drying energy consumption.

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The belt press filter is an important equipment for the dewatering of sweet potato slag. the ordinary belt filter press has been replaced by Meibang powerfull roller filter press for its advantages on the working conditions in the  

dewatering of sweet potato slag, such as: moisture content of filter cake, hourly processing capacity, trouble-free working time, etc. Our company has much experience in working with several large sweet potato slag companies. We are  

willing to work with you  to jointly develop the most scientific treatment plan for sweet potato residue dehydration according to the actual situation of your company . Welcome to visit our company's manufacturing workshop.

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The belt press adopts the super-strong roll extrusion which is combining the vigor and the supplenses to make the dewatering pressure increased to 40kg/cm2, and the water content of the material after dewatering is 50-60%. It is the most ideal dewatering of sludge (plant residue) in the belt filter press industry at home and abroad for the low water volume after dehydration. It is widely used in the efficient dehydration of various sludges and the separation of slag and water from roots, stems and leaves of various plants. The machine has high degree of automation and can be used for 24 hours continuous has many advantages such as large processing capacity, low moisture content of filter cake.the water content of fresh potato residue after dewatering can reach about 55%, so the mahine is energy saving, high efficienct with low operating cost, convenien operation and easy maintenance. The powerful rollers belt-type press of Meibang has been put into operation by many large and medium-sized enterprises at home and abroad, with good results and well-received comments by customers. 139 2623 5580 Manager Li


Sweet potato residue dewatering machine, sweet potato residue dewatering equipment performance:


Model: DYQ1000-2000P3


Processing capacity: 5-20 cubic meters / hour


Sweet potato dregs dehydrator power: 3-7.5kw


Equipment operation mode: automation No manual operation required



1, automatic control, operate continuously;


2. Low energy consumption and long service life;


3. High dehydration efficiency and high solid content of potato cake;


4, easy to manage, easy to maintain.

Guangzhou Meibang Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd has been professionally manufacturering belt filter presses and slag crushers for a long term. after the absorption of many advanced technologies at home and abroad and several years of careful research and development with hundreds of trials and repeated trials,we creatively designed high-pressure slag machine.The performance has reached or even surpassed the imported equipment for its high effectiency, performance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and its low energy consumption, drug consumption. It can be said with certainty that it has a groundbreaking and revolutionary significance in the field of domestic dregs dehydration. It can even replace the expensive imported equipment currenty. 139 2623 5580 Manager Li

 Slag crusher with the brand name of Meibang is the first in China. The slag crusher is widely used in plants, dregs dehydration, such as cassava dehydration, potato dregs dehydration, bean curd dehydration, food residue dehydration, tea residue dehydration, horseshoe residue dehydration, wood residue dehydration, Dewatering of paper slag, dehydration of duckweed, dehydration of beer slag, dehydration of traditional Chinese medicine slag,etc. Belt type slag press can be fully automatic for 24 hours with low energy consumption and large processing capacity. Exported to Southeast Asia, South America, Pakistan and other countries abroad,and sold to Guangdong, Hunan, Guangxi, Jiangsu, Anhui, Sichuan, Henan, Shaanxi and other provinces at home, Meibang s powerfull roller belt filter press plant residue is well-received and highly praised by users. We have good engineering cases all over the country.

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      We have a fixed number of engineering and technical personel with rich theoretical and practical experience in design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning who have been researching and developing the material dehydration for a long time,. At the same time, we are also inviting a group of experts and senior engineers and technicians with high theoretical level and rich practical experience to join in in order to extensively carry out technical and business cooperation and provide users with quality products and services and establish a good reputation of Meibang powerful roller belt filter press for plant residue among users.

     We have a professional equipment manufacturing plant equipped with the advanced machining equipment and experimental equipment.with the strict management and excellenct design,our manufacturing levels continue to improve. In order to meet the needs of our customers, our newly developed high-pressure slag crusher is officially shaped and produced, and this technology is leading domestically.

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