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Meibang Environmental Protection Equipment Co.,Ltd. Specializing in Belt Filter Press for Sludge and Plant Residue
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The programme of manure dewatering -Summary of manure dewatering treatment equipment

Manure is the excrement of human or animal food. 1/4 of the manure are water, and the rest are mostly proteins, inorganic substances, fats, undigested food fibers, dewatered residues of digesting fluids, cells from the intestines and dead bacteria , and vitamins K, and vitamin B. In recent years, livestock and poultry breeding industry has developed rapidly, and gradually formed series, specialized production,which brought a series of environmental problems at the same time.


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The programme of manure dewatering --  Application range of farm sewage treatment equipment


For all kinds of Sewage produced by livestock farms (chicken farms, pig farms, cattle farms, etc.).


The programme of manure wastewater treatment --  characteristics of  manure dewatering machine


1,Anticorrosive treatment by carbon steel or combined with stainless steel components, light easy to transport and install;

2, Using FRP, carbon steel, stainless steel anticorrosion structure, with corrosion resistance, anti-aging and other excellent characteristics, 15 years Service life  

3, Save land,no need to build houses and heating, heat preservation. The integration of the equipment is realized to a large extent and the area occupied is reduced.

4,No pollution, no smell, reduce secondary pollution;

5, Not limited by sewages amount, flexible, can be used singly or in combination.

6, The whole treatment equipment installed with PLC automatic electrical control and fault alarm device, safe and reliable operation, usually do not need special personnel management, only maintenance the equipment timely, low management expenses.



The programme of manure wastewater treatment -- process of farm sewage treatment equipment


Style:Belt         Automatic: Yes

Suitable: Sludge       type : belt mesh

Brand: Meibang       

Function: press dewatering       

Using range: sludge ,sewage treatment,environment protection

Material: stainles steel,carbon steel          

Mesh dimension:  1000-3000(mm)

Throught put: 10-35(M3/H)      

Feed moisture content:  99%

Cake moisture content: 50% lower         

Total weight:4000-8000(kg)




Belt filter press machine is also called sludge press machine. According to the different dehydration rate required by the material, be divided into four series: standard, compact, concentrated and Strength counter pressure

Sludge Dewatering Series Belt filter Press Farm sewage treatment equipment

Belt type sludge dewatering machine is a sludge dewatering unit with high technical level in China at present. It can be pressed filter continuously with a large amount of sludge. The machine was made by high strength material, with large treatment ,high dehydration, long service life and so on. Which is widely used in the treatment of sludge dewatering in municipal and industries. with foreign high quality bearing, long service life, high quality filter belt and stainless steel nozzle, ensure the function and quality of the belt type sludge dehydrator. At present, this product has spread all over the country

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Sludge Dewatering Series Belt filter Press Farm sewage treatment equipment Function

The main dewatering roller is a professional design, which can be dehydrated quickly during the filtration process with high quality straps, the back of the smaller squeezing roller  arrangement and filter belt contact angle change, ensuring the best combination of pressure and shear, it will improve greatly the solid content and dehydration efficiency of mud cake.

manure dewatering machine


Belt type sludge dewatering machine series uses two filter belts to press dewatering, there is also a gravity dehydration area before the normal pressure dehydration area. The unique structure not only improves the dehydration efficiency, reduces the chemical agents, but also reduces the power consumption greatly.

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Characteristics of manure dewatering machine

Integrative equipment, automatic control, continuous operation.

Low power consumption ,long service life.

High concentration and dehydration efficiency, high solid content of mud cake.

Easy to manage and maintain.

Low noise, low  chemicals.

Economic reliability, Wide  applications range


Characteristics of manure dewatering machine

The tension of the filter belt is realized by the air bag, which keeps the tension constant. The filter press has a pneumatic control system which can automatically detect the position of the filter belt on the roller and correct the deviation automatically. For the wide filter belt press, an automatic sludge feeding device is also provided to ensure that the sludge enters the filter belt uniformly,  increasing the filtration efficiency and prolonging the service life of the filter belt.


Guangdong Meibang Environmental Protection equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in belt filter press, sludge dehydrator, to provide users with a professional solids and liquid separation technology solutions, as well as integrated slurry dehydration system solutions.

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Guangdong Meibang Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd.  belt filter press, sludge dewatering widely used in: printing and dyeing, electroplating , papermaking wastewater treatment, leather, wine, food , Coal washing , petrochemical , chemical , ceramic raw material , cement , mine tailings, steel plant , electronic , circuit board plant, pineapple residue, Textile activated  and other industries sewage, sludge treatment. Welcome to bring sludge, sewage samples or plant residue to do the free  test  in our company, show  you around the site of our other customers  on your convenience!

Meibang Environmental protection equipment co.,ltd.

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