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Belt filter press dewatering working principle and process flow

Belt filter press dewatering working principle and process flow


The sludge enters the dynamic (static) state mixer through the mud pump, and is mixed with the concentration of 0.05 -0.1% anion (cation) ion flocculent solution and fully reacted, and the fine solid particles in the slag (mud) slurry (or suspended matter) coagulates into a bulky flocculent mass, and the bound water and surface water between the materials are separated into free water. When the material is transported and spread to the filter line of the extended gravity pre-dewatering zone (or belt concentrator), under the action of gravity, free water permeates the back of the filter to ooze and separate, forming a non-flowing sludge, reaching the press dewatering The zone is subjected to the maximum pressure condition, and then clamped between the upper and lower mesh belts as the mesh belt moves, and the filter belt with adjustable tension and the roller and the pressure roller which are gradually decreasing in diameter are continuously increased. The slow pressing force of the pair of rolls and the shearing force, the water in the slag (mud) slurry is stepped up by the wedge zone, the low pressure zone, the medium pressure zone, the high pressure zone and the strong pinch clamping zone. The method is continuously squeezed out, and finally the filter cake with lower moisture content is discharged, scraped off by the scraping plate, the upper and lower filter belts are separated, and the micro-particles in the pores of the surface of the filter are removed by high-pressure washing water, and the next dehydration cycle is continued. 

清水出来.jpgIn short, sludge or mud is pumped to our sludge dewatering machine. After the sludge or mud is pressed by the machine, the mud cake can't be drenched out and clear water are discharged. The mud cake can be transported for landfill or other purposes. The clear water can be recycled to meet environmental requirements.



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