Sewage sludge treatment, belt filter press machine throughput 100 M3/H

Sewage sludge is a precipitate from the process of water treatment in sewage plant. It contains not only a large number of microorganisms, machineries and rich nutrients such as nitrogen and potassium, but also heavy metals and pathogenic microorganisms. Municipal sludge of sewage treatment plant is the main source of sludge in China, and the content of sludge is high, which is more difficult to dewatering than industrial sludge. In foreign countries, especially in western countries, sludge treatment problems are faced earlier, municipal sludge treatment is also relatively rich experience. The domestic  Sewage sludge problem is mainly caused by the out of sync of sewage treatment and sludge treatment.



At present,  Sewage sludge wastewater treatment in foreign countries usually includes the following methods: land use, sanitary landfill, incineration treatment and so on, which can accommodate a large number of Sewage sludge. According to the investigation data, the sludge of foreign sewage treatment plants is used for afforestation,incineration disposal, or sea evacuation, and seldom sludge is disposed or utilized in other ways.


Therefore, land use and landfills are two main methods of sludge disposal in most countries. It will be high requirement for sludge dewatering, so it need  sludge dewatering  produce low moisture content sludge cake which can be treated easily. In addition,  agricultural and land-based landfill programmes selection depends on  on the laws, regulations and pollution source controls from different country, as well as the development of agriculture.


In recent years, Sludge agricultural standards are becoming more and more stringent (such as heavy metal content) in many countries, such as Germany, Italy, Denmark, etc., sludge farming has been decreasing, while the  sludge landfill has an increasing trend. However, in some countries, such as the United States, Britain and Japan, the sludge used in agriculture is increasing, and  sludge landfill is decreasing.


At present, the sludge dewatering treatment not thorough is the major problem for Sewage  sludge .It's hard to meet environmental requirements. Now, Ultra-high pressure sludge filter, sludge Dehydratior, domestic sludge treatment equipment, Sewage sludge treatment machine, etc.appearance of the sludge dewatering  equipment from Meibang  Environmental Protection ,which has solved this problem and the moisture  60% lower. The mud cake can be used as resource has laid a good foundation for municipal sludge treatment.


Guangdong Meibang Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd.  belt filter press, sludge dewatering widely used in different industries: sewage treatment plant,printing and dyeing, electroplating ,Sewage sludge ,domestics sludge, papermaking wastewater treatment, leather, wine, food , Coal washing , petrochemical , chemical , ceramic raw material , cement , mine tailings, steel plant , electronic , circuit board plant, pineapple residue, Textile activated sludge and other industries sewage, sludge treatment. Welcome to bring sludge, sewage samples or plant residue to do free test  in our company.

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