Meibang Environmental Protection Equipment Co.,Ltd.
Specializing in the production of belt filter presses for sludge and plant residue dewatering
Meibang Environmental Protection Equipment Co.,Ltd. Specializing in Belt Filter Press for Sludge and Plant Residue
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About us

Mei bang

Guangdong Meibang Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Huadu District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China. It is a professional manufacturer of belt filter press, integrating development, design, manufacture and service to provide users with professional integrated sludge dewatering solutions and plant slurry dewatering solutions. In order to meet the needs of different users, we continue to innovate and perfect the technical application system of the belt filter press to improve the automation of the products and the quality of after-sales service. Over the years, our unremitting efforts have won the trust of our customers, and our products are sold well both at home and abroad. Our machines are widely used in printing and dyeing, electroplating, paper, chemical, food, brewing, ceramics, mining, leather, drilling, sewage treatment and other fields. Meibang brand belt filter press is the first in China. It has a special design on the filter press to increase the treatment capacity of sewage and sludge, reduce the moisture content of the mud cake and reduce operating cost.


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